JCDA – ND’s meeting

A meeting with ND’s & Distti’s was called on 7th FEB 2020 at the office of Chamber of Commerce in which all the ND’s, Distti’s & some senior members were also invited. Mr. Naveen Gupta (President ) headed the meeting along  with Mr. Rohit Jandial ( General Secretary ), Mr. Vishav Bharti (Vice President ), & Mr. Dheeraj Gupta ( Organizing Secretary )& Mr. Parminder Pal Singh ( Treasurer). Lots of issues were discussed with the ND’s & Distti’s for the betterment of the trade in Jammu region & the respective solutions were done with mutual consent. Following are some points which were mutually discussed & agreed by all.


  • Any National Distributor / Vendor must not do Direct sales to End Customer or Non-JCDA member. If required, then it should be routed through a JCDA Member only. [If billing through JCDA Member is not agreeable to the Dealer, he may opt for becoming a Member of JCDA] This practice should be implemented with Immediate effect by all the ND’s & Vendors. Violation if any will attract a penalty of Rs.25000/- at first instance and if repeated, a stringent action may be initiated against that ND or Vendor.
  • Any ND / Vendor, if changes or creates a Distributor / Service Centre, he needs to get an NOC from the previous Distributor / Service Centre.
  • A Minimum Stock Level needs to be maintained by the ND or Vendor at Local Level.
  • In case of IGST billing, Goods needs to be given on FOR basis and Member will not bear the cost of Freight.
  • Promotions, Sign Boards, Newspaper Advertisements should not carry RD’s name. Only Dealers Name with respective area should be published.
  • Prices should not be published in Paper Advertisements and Online Portals. Only MRP is allowed at Vendor’s Site.
  • Products must be in one Single Price all over India.
  • DOA Issues needs to be settled within 15 Days after the completion of all necessary documents.
  • Vendors must not participate Directly in Tenders / GEM.
  • Vendors/Distributors will be Responsible for Product Warranty, Service and After Warranty Support/Availability of Components for Minimum 3 years from Warranty Expiry Date.
  • Authorized Service Centre should not sell any Product to the Customer except for spares.
  • Vendor Representatives should inform Vendor Meeting / Training to the Association Officials.
  • Vendors have to Intimate Changes in Sale & Service Policy to JCDA prior to its initiation.

The updated member list of all JCDA Members has been circulated to all the ND’s/Vendors present in the meeting. Moreover the soft copy of the member list has also been emailed.

Team  JCDA