Cricket Tour

To engage dealers while encouraging them for their efforts in business, JCDA had recently organized JCDA-BPE Cup 2021 cricket tournament for the members of JCDA family. Tennis Ball Tournament is conducted in December. Singh XI, BPE, Busy and Kyocera were the 4 teams who took part in the tournament and it was Team Kyocera who stole the top honours.

 The tournament, organised as a token of appreciation towards the support and loyalty by the JCDA members, was a huge success. Partners took the matches extremely seriously and there was healthy competition to walk away with top honours.

Mr. Amit Sharma (JKAS) Secretary to Government Information Technology Chief Executive Officer J&K e-Governance Agency was the Chief Guest on the Occasion. JCDA President          Mr. Naveen Gupta along with the Core Committee Welcomes the Chief Guest with a Memento and a Flower bouquet.  Mr Sharma also said that “It was great pleasure having been part of the JCDA-BPE Cup. This was the best initiative taken by JCDA and we all had wonderful and memorable moments. Thanks for inviting. Keep it up.” He also says that this will be a bi-annual feature from the next year.

 Match Notes:-

Match 1 Singh XI vs Kyocera Toss Won by Singh XI Bat First
  • Match started at 18 Dec, 10:30 A.M.
  • Singh XI : Top Score KamalJeet Singh 46 runs
  • Singh XI : Second Top Rohit Verma with 45 runs
  • Shashank from team Kyocera took 4 Wickets.
  • Innings Break:131 runs in 20 overs all out.
  • 2nd Innings Started at 12:15 P.M.
  • Kyocera : Ankur Top Scorer 53 runs with 6 Four’s and 2 Sixes.
  • Kyocera : Second top by Lakhwinder 25 with 2Four’s and 2 Sixes.
  • Singh XI: Tushar took 2 Wickets and 1 by Kamaljeet.
  • End of Day: Kyocera win – with 6 Wickets in 18 overs.
  • Kamaljeet adjudged Man of the Match.
Match 2 Busy vs BPE Toss Won by BPE Bat First
  • Match started at 18 Dec, 2:00 P.M.
  • BPE : Top Score Atul Gupta with 29.
  • BPE : Second top Vinay Singh with 20.
  • Rakesh,Vishal and Rohit took 2 Wickets each.
  • Innings Break: 114/10 in 20 overs.
  • 2nd Innings Started at 3:45 P.M
  • Busy : Top Score H.S Bedi 34.
  • Busy : Second Top Ayush 21.
  • It was Vishal who took the match away with 19 runs and 2 Wickets.
  • End of Day: Team Busy Win – with 6 Wickets in 18 overs.
  • Vishal adjudged Man of the Match.
Match 3 Kyocera vs Busy (Final) Toss Won by Busy Bowl First
  • Match started at 19 Dec, 11:00 AM.
  • Kyocera : Top Score by Vikram 36 with 3 Four’s.
  • Kyocera : Second top by Shashank 32 with 1 Four and 2 Sixes.
  • Sunny took 3 Wickets.
  • Innings Break: 149/7 in 20 overs
  • 2nd Innings Started at 12:45 P.M.
  • Busy : Top Score H.S Bedi 31 runs with 2 Four’s.
  • Busy: Second top Divyanshu 16 with 1 Four and 1 Six.
  • Shashank and Munish Saini took 3 wickets each.
  • End of Day: Kyocera win by 35 runs.
  • Shashank adjudged Man of the Match.

Best Bowler award claimed by Shashank with 7 wickets in the tournament. He also got Man of the Tournament. Also H.S Bedi got the Best batsman of the tournament. At last all the JCDA members had lunch and the event concluded successfully. President JCDA thanks all the participants and Sponsors who took part in the event and makes it a successful event.