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IT Items VAT Rate Changes Proposed for Budget

A letter was handed over to Chamber of Commerce & Industries proposing IT Items VAT Rate Changes in the Budget.

Today CCI had a meeting with FM Mr. Drabu and was attended by Mr. Dikshit & Mr. Naveen, where in he showed concern for J&K and assured of business friendly Budget.

The letter carried the following recommendations:

1. Rate of Tax on UPS be revised from 13.5% to 5%, as it is 5% all over the Country.

2. Rate of Tax on Toners and Cartridges be revised to 5% from 13.5%. This higher rate of tax is prompting vendors to import from Punjab and other States without paying VAT etc, which is wrong practice as after applying VAT rate of items becomes more than the MRP of the product.

3. VAT on Software and related services be exempted as major chunk of Software is used either by departments and Government or is used for VAT Billing in Business & Industry.

Working Committee Meeting

Executive Committee Meet

Dear Members,

An Executive Committee Meet was held on 2nd Oct 2015 and was attended by Mr. Dikshit Gupta, Mr. Rajan Gupta, Mr. Rajeev Majotra, Mr. Naveen Gupta, Mr. Pranav Baghotra, Mr. Ajay Koul, Mr. Rohit Jandial & Mr. Parminder Singh.

After discussing various previous issues, Mr. Pranav suggested that we should help our ailing member Mr. Deepak Jasrotia of M/s Shivam Technologies. It was decided that JCDA would contribute by collecting Rs.500/- from each member every quarter. Collection would be done by WC members in his area, so that collection can be done easily.

Mr. Rohit Jandyal raised issue of Best Price selling IT components by financing and making special arrangement outside his premises thereby hitting business of IT dealers in Jammu. It was decided that a delegate will meet Sales Tax Authorities in this regard and will apprise them of the situation. A proposed Seminar with them would also be discussed and finalized with them.

A Social event on the eve of Dusherra was also finalized and all the members will be informed when event and dates are confirmed.

Process of Directory will be initiated soon.

We hope to provide the same in next GBM. Cricket Tournament has been proposed for 22/11/2015 & 29/11/2015. Mr. Rohit Jandyal has been given charge for this and Mr. Parminder Singh, Mr. Sudhir Dutta and Mr. Roopesh Mangotra would be assisting him in this task.

IT Expo has been proposed for 16th to 18 Jan 2016. After finalizing Venue, related process will be started and members would be informed as per that.

Process of MOP will also be soon taken up and members would be informed accordingly.

Organsing Secretary

Jammu Computers Dealers Association

General Body Meeting

General Body Meet was held on 12th Sep 2015 at Hotel K C Residency and was attended by around 100 members of JCDA. Registration Process started at 8 pm whereby Certificates, List of Service Centres and ND/OEM, List of all the Members of JCDA and Service Charges price list were handed over to the members.

Meeting started with a welcome note by General Secretary Mr. Rajeev Majotra. He invited Mr. Dikshit Gupta, President JCDA for addressing the members. Mr. Gupta detailed the members about Do’s & Dont’s of Ethical Business and took the Issue of MOP to house for Discussion. All the members of JCDA agreed to follow MOP if implemented properly. Mr. Dikshit also narrated the house about the benefits of regulating MOP. House agreed to it for initially 5-7 items as an experiment and if successful it be extended to further 10 more items.

Mr. Naveen Gupta, Organising Secretary issued various forms for Poaching of Employees, Shifting of Service Centres and appointing of new Re-sellers by NDs/OEMs. These forms will be sent to all the members for compliance. Mr. Rajeev Majotra in his address conveyed the work done during past three months viz, Holidays for 3 days during summer, Status of Registration Process, PAN Card for banking transactions, ND/OEM Meet which was done Twice, Service Centre List, Price List Services, supporting Chamber for AIIMS Issue, Presence of JCDA in DQ Week Conclave at Udaipur, Joining FAIITA, Issue of Certificates, Launching of Web Site, and addition of 30 members to 124, taking it to 154 Members as of now. Then Mr. Majotra requested Mr. Adit Gupta and Mr. Rakesh Kak to launch the Web Site of JCDA which was created by Mr. Vivek Mahajan of Elite International.

Mr. Majotra then presented the road map which is, Raising of Annual Fee to Rs.2500/-, Accidental
Insurance of Employees, IT Expo – Jan 2016, Cricket Tournament – Nov 2015, Seminar with Sales Tax
& Chamber, Corporate Social Responsibility Event, MOP Implementation, Directory of JCDA. Meeting ended with the Vote of Thanks by Mr. Rajan Gupta, Vice-President JCDA, which was followed by

Cocktail and Dinner.

General Secretary